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Kodak 50-disc CD-R Robot/Loader w/ CD Ripping Package by Kodak / Microboards

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Kodak / Microboards

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A CD RIPPING ROBOT? Why on Earth do I need a ROBOT?
Do you have a large CD collection (100? 500? 3000?) that is taking up too much room?
Did you rip all of your CDs to lower-quality formats such as MP3 or AAC and now realize you should have ripped them to high-quality formats such as ALAC or FLAC?
Do you dread sitting near your computer for days feeding it CDs?

Kodak's 50-disc CD Autoloader robot for automated ripping of CDs to a Windows PC using iTunes or dbpoweramp.
The robot and software takes care of loading and unloading CDs into the drive, and can alert you to problem discs.
Includes USB driver and Hyperdiscs scripts for automated bulk CD ripping.
Instructions: http://hyperdiscs.pbworks.com/w/page/62038987/Kodak-CD-Ripper-Instructions

USB 2.0
Heavy-duty robot platform
Teac CD-W552DA CD-RW drive
Up to 36x CD burst ripping speed
C2 error detection for sub-frame error handling during secure ripping
0KB audio cache allows for fast re-reads during secure ripping

In the box (USB and power cables not included):
Originally built by Microboards for Kodak's Photo Kiosks.
New in box units have never been opened outside of the factory.

Hardware requirements:
Windows compatible PC
USB 2.0 A/B cable
Standard PC or monitor three prong power cable

Software Requirements:
Windows XP, Windows 7 Pro in XP Mode or Windows 8.*
iTunes (free) or dbpoweramp ($38 after a free, fully functional, 30-day trial)
Administrator access to the machine
* it also works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 w/o XP Mode, but runs very slow due to a Microsoft USB driver bug.

Software Provided with purchase:
Windows drivers for robot interface from the chipset manufacturer.
iTunes compatible robot script.
A robot “driver pack” for dbpoweramp's Batch Ripper application.

Shipping alternatives:
If you would prefer to arrange and pay for an alternate shipping method, each box weighs 19 lbs. 2 oz. and measures 22″ x 19″ x 12″
Local pickup in the Washington, DC area.


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